Why thousands of businesses choose SliceWP as their WordPress affiliate plugin

Besides a top-notch affiliate plugin for WordPress, you get a customer support team second to none. But, don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say...

Without a question, this is one of the best affiliate plugins I ever used. Support is always there for any question I might have.

It was extremely easy to set everything up and have an affiliate program for my customers. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for an affiliate program plugin.

Steff M.

SliceWP is a hidden gem. The user experience is simple and clean. The developer replies quickly to questions. Simply awesome!

Maarten Belmans

SliceWP is excellent! It provides everything you need for a perfect affiliate strategy via WordPress.

Their support is very fast, and they continuously improve the plugin with additional features.

I am a big fan of SliceWP and I highly recommend it!

Fra R.

No doubt this is probably the best choice for an affiliate plugin.

Great features, swift and kind support, super clean code and much more. It focuses on features that your really need and does not come with a lot of clutter that only bloats the code and makes integration harder.

Congrats on an awesome product!

Simon R.

SliceWP is a great plugin that is simple to set up and works really well. Customer support from the team is also second to none.

Alan McKinney

I purchased the Pro version some time ago and it is absolutely amazing! SliceWP includes everything you will need for an affiliate program. And I never had a better experience when dealing with customer support. Highly recommended!

Philip W.

SliceWP has so many features, that will meet all your affiliate program needs at an affordable price point!

Compared with other more well known brands on the market today, SliceWP truly shines above them by being easier-to-use, while still providing great affiliate marketing tools.

Customer service responded quickly before, during and after purchase which made the buying experience as pleasant as possible.

Phuong N.

If you need to set up a new affiliate program for your online store, you can't go wrong with SliceWP!

Easy to set up, quick and friendly support, and packed with great features. I even had a special request, which they were able to accommodate in no time at all.

Can't recommend SliceWP enough!

Mary B.

Love the simplicity and the ease of use of SliceWP. I managed to set it up very quickly and everything works like a charm!

Roland Murg

I purchased a Lifetime license and had a really smooth setup process, with easy onboarding for affiliates.

I ran into a couple glitches that were unique to my site. In each instance, I emailed support, and Mihai emailed back with a custom fix (one of which was code to add to the site in order to solve the issue; the other of which was an update to one of their plug-ins that he created to prevent my issue from happening to others in the future, and that he sent to me early in order for me to solve the problem right away).

The reviews on SliceWP spoke to the high level of customer service here, and I wanted to add my voice to that bucket. Really excellent product, in really excellent hands.

Jordan M.

SliceWP is the second affiliate plugin that I tried and it has a lot of useful and practical features. It does have many features that are able to fulfill many different kinds of business requirements. I did implement this for few clients and they are very satisfied with the features.

During implementation, I did face some problems and I contacted their support. The team is very helpful and friendly and guided me through the setup and solve the problems with just 2 emails, and their response is within a day which is superb!

Now a few of my clients' websites with affiliate program are live now and running smoothly, which helped my clients' business. Highly recommend for those who thinking of building an affiliate program for their business.

Eric Tee

For a novice in technology like myself who wanted to leverage affiliates to market products on our behalf, SliceWP is perfect.

It's all very straightforward, and the one time I needed assistance, I was helped within a few hours by someone that cared. Fully recommend!

Philip T.

I've been using SliceWP for the past month and am quite happy with it. It's easy to set up, the user interface is clean and intuitive, and everything works great. On top of that, support has been second to none. The founder is passionate about his product and it shows.

If you're in need of an affiliate program, I highly recommend SliceWP!

Damon Malkiewicz

I had searched for weeks for a plugin which would allow me to build an affiliate program for my business. And although I found some good options out there, they were extremely pricey and after some initial tests, I wasn't really impressed.

Then I found SliceWP, and it's right on the money for me.

Very happy with the plugin. And my site is running at top speed too, it's not affecting any other plugin or visitor experience. I've created my own affiliate program in less than a day. Love it!

Mike M.

SliceWP has all the required features to easily start an awesome affiliate program.

The customer support is also very helpful and friendly. I definitely recommend it!

Samy G.

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