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Log out link in affiliate account

Currently, affiliates cannot log out directly from their accounts.

To log out, they need to visit the affiliate login page, where there's a log out link they can use. This is not the most intuitive flow for users.

The plan is to add a new tab in the affiliate account with a log out link, similar to how WooCommerce has it in the customer account.

Easy access in admin area for affiliate links

Currently, if you want to get an affiliate's promotional link as an administrator it's difficult.

You can either log into the affiliate's account and copy it from there, or manually creating it by adding the affiliate variable and affiliate ID to your site's URL.

The plan is to add the affiliate's main promotional link to the Affiliates table in the admin area, where you can quickly copy it.

Commissions for leads sent through contact forms

Currently, SliceWP integrates only with eCommerce solutions.

If you onboard clients through a contact form, you currently can't run an affiliate program for your business.

The plan is to integrate with the most used contact form WordPress plugins and to offer you the possibility of rewarding affiliates for referring leads.

In development

WooCommerce affiliate store credit

You'll be able to reward affiliates with store credit instead of paying them directly.

When an affiliate is rewarded a commission for a sale, the amount for the commission will be desposited in their store credit balance.

When affiliates purchase from your shop, they'll have the option to use their store credit balance for a discounted price.

GetPaid integration

GetPaid is simple and easy to use WordPress plugin that makes it easy to accept one-time and recurring payments.

The integration will allow you to have a fully fledged affiliate program if you're using GetPaid for your business.

Lifetime commissions

You'll be able to link customers to affiliates, both automatically or manually.

When a customer is linked to an affiliate, all purchases made by the customer will generate a commission for the affiliate, even if the tracking cookie expires.

Recently released

Affiliate area in WooCommerce my account

You can add the affiliate account as a new "Affiliate area" tab in WooCommerce's customer account.

Click here to learn more

Affiliate custom fields

You can add custom fields for affiliates, that you can place on the affiliate registration form, in the affiliate account form, or just in your admin dashboard for better affiliate management.

Click here to learn more

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