Store Credit for WooCommerce

With SliceWP you have the option to pay your affiliates in different ways.

One of these ways is to transform your affiliates’ commissions into virtual credit that they can then use to make discounted purchases from your store. This page will guide you step-by-step to achieve just that.

So, let’s jump in and check out how you can pay your affiliates with store credit, instead of paying them with PayPal or through bank transfers.

Important note! Currently, store credit can only be used on WooCommerce powered stores. If your business’ website is powered by another eCommerce WordPress plugin, the store credit functionality will not work.

Step 1: Enabling the Store Credit add-on

First thing’s first, let’s enable the add-on that powers the entire store credit functionality, namely the Store Credit for WooCommerce add-on. Here’s how:

  1. From your SliceWP account page, download and install the SliceWP Pro plugin. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to do this.
  2. Once you have SliceWP Pro installed, navigate to your WordPress admin area > SliceWP > Add-ons page and activate the Store Credit for WooCommerce add-on.

Now that we have the add-on up and running, let’s set up your affiliate program so that you can pay your affiliates with virtual credit.

Step 2: Setting up store credit as your default payout method

The beautiful thing about SliceWP is that you can pay your affiliates in bulk. Whether it’s through PayPal Payouts or with store credit, with just a few clicks you can pay all of your affiliates at once.

To do this, let’s set your affiliate’s program default payout method to Store Credit. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard > SliceWP > Settings > General (tab). Here, scroll down until you find the Payouts Settings panel.
  2. In the Default Payout Method field, select the Store Credit option.Default payout method field in SliceWP admin settings page, with Store Credit selected.
  3. Lastly, save the settings.

The default payout method will act as the global processor for paying your affiliates. You can overwrite this value for each individual affiliate if you need to. For example, if you want to pay two affiliates with PayPal and the rest of them with store credit, you can do it. You’ll just need to set the payout method for the two affiliates to PayPal Payouts, while leaving the default payout method as Store Credit.

Step 3: Paying your affiliates with store credit

Now that you have everything set up, the last thing that remains is to actually pay your affiliates in store credit and increase your affiliate’s wallet balance. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Firstly, let’s create a new payout. To do it, navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard > SliceWP > Payouts > Create Payout.
  2. Here, let’s consider that we want to pay all unpaid commissions owed to affiliates. Your payout details should look similar to the ones in this screenshot. If you’re happy with these details, click the Preview Payout button. Create affiliate payout details in SliceWP admin create payout page.
  3. Once you do this, SliceWP will grab all unpaid commissions generated by your affiliates, sum them up and present them to you as a preview, so that you can review them and make sure everything looks good. As you can notice, we’ve followed the example from before where we pay two affiliates with PayPal Payouts and the rest with store credit. If the payout looks good, click the Create Payout button.SliceWP preview payout with affiliate payments details.
  4. Now that the payout is created, all that is left is to process the affiliate payments from this payout. To do this, from the Payout Progress panel, select to bulk process all store credit payments and then click the Pay Affiliates button.Payout progress panel, showing the bulk process all affiliate payments with store credit option.
  5. Once you click the Pay Affiliates button, the bulk process of the store credit payments from the payout begins. At the end of the process all affiliate payments payable through store credit will be marked as paid, all commissions attached to these payments will also be marked as paid and the payment’s amount will be added to the affiliates’ store credit balance.

That’s it!

If you’ve reached this part of the page, you’ve learned everything you need to know about setting up store credit payouts and paying out your affiliates with virtual credit.

Your affiliates will now be able to easily use this credit to make discounted purchases from your store. Once on checkout, if your affiliates have credit in their virtual wallet, they’ll be able to apply it as a discount to their cart and then checkout as usual. Easy-peasy!

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