Lead Commissions

The Leads Commissions add-on connects to a contact form and allows you to reward commissions based on form submissions.

How it works

When a form is submitted by a referred user, you can either automatically generate a commission for the affiliate, or you can save the lead into SliceWP to reward the affiliate at a later date.

Reward affiliates only for converted leads

  1. Affiliates send over potential customers to your website through their referral link.
  2. These potential customers reach out to you through a contact form, thus turning into leads.
  3. Once you finish up with the customer, you can mark the lead as converted and reward the affiliate a commission.

Reward affiliates for all leads

  1. Affiliates send visitors to your website through their referral link.
  2. These referred visitors complete a form and after submitting it, the affiliate gets rewarded automatically with a commission.


Currently, the Lead Commissions add-on works only with Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms.


Click here to learn how to set up leads and lead commissions.

This add-on is available with an active Pro & Pro Plus license.

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