Data Export

With the Data Export add-on you can export the following into a CSV file:

  • Affiliates (included data: affiliate ID, affiliate name, affiliate email, payment email, paid commissions, unpaid commissions, visits count, status, registration date);
  • Commissions (included data: commission ID, affiliate name, affiliate email, amount, currency, reference, type status, registration date);
  • Payments (included data: payment ID, affiliate name, affiliate email, amount, currency, status, registration date);
  • Visits (included data: visit ID, affiliate ID, landing page URL, referrer page URL, commission ID, status, registration date).

All exported data is filtrable, by:

  • Affiliate – Applies to commissions, payments and visits, in order to export data that is tied to a certain affiliate.
  • Date Range – Export only items that have been registered before, after or between certain dates.
  • Status – Export only items of a certain status, for example only unpaid commissions.

Once you enable the add-on, from the SliceWP > Add-ons page, you can access the data export functionality from SliceWP > Settings > Tools (tab).

See it in action:

This add-on is available with an active Pro & Pro Plus license.

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