Everything you need to run your own affiliate program with WordPress

SliceWP brings you all the tools you need to run a successful affiliate program for your WordPress powered business. Here's everything you get...

Unlimited affiliates

As they say, sky is the limit. Whether you partner with a few affiliates or many, SliceWP will help you manage them all.

Customizable affiliate registration form
Pro only

Customize your affiliate registration form. Collect affiliate bank account details, phone number and more.

Affiliate approval process

Want to work only with the best affiliates? Perfect! You can vet each and every new affiliate coming your way.

Auto-approve affiliates

Want to turn all your customers into affiliates? With a simple switch you can automatically register all new users into affiliate partners.

Affiliate social sharing
Pro only

Enable social share buttons in your affiliates' account page so your affiliates can promote your products directly from their account.

Affiliate coupon codes
Pro only

Connect coupons to affiliates. This way, affiliates can incentivize their audience with a discount and drive more sales for you.

Affiliate custom commission rates
Pro only

Do you have a top-tier affiliate that benefits from a higher commission? Perfect. Set a custom rate for this affiliate with just a few clicks.

Dedicated affiliate pages

Let affiliates explore how their affiliate marketing efforts are going with their own account page. Registering affiliates is also a breeze. With a simple page, the process is all set up.

Mass PayPal Payouts
Pro only

Save time paying your affiliates. With PayPal Payouts you can pay all affiliates with one click from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

Product custom commission rates
Pro only

Do you want to offer different commission rates for each product/service you sell? With a few clicks you can do it.

Recurring commission rates
Pro only

Attract top-tier affiliates and keep them for longer by offering them a commission each time a subscription renews.

Lifetime commissions
Pro only

Link customers to affiliates and reward your affiliates for all future purchases made by these linked customers.

Customizable email notifications

Keep your affiliates in the loop with customizable email notifications. Convey your persona and make your affiliates feel like a part of your family.

Accurate tracking

Referred visits and generated commissions. SliceWP tracks all of them behind the scenes so you can have more time developing other parts of your business.

Real-time statistics
Pro only

Know how your affiliates are performing with real-time reporting. You can filter all the information by date to have an overview of how everything is working.

Custom affiliate link

Affiliate links don't need to be bland. Personalize them so your affiliates understand they're dealing with something special.

Custom cookie duration

The time frame you track referrals can be an incentive for top-tier affiliates to join your program. Customize it to fit both your needs and your affiliates'.

World-class support

We're here for you. With a decade of experience helping customers, we can safely say you are in good hands.

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