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Enabling usage tracking

By default SliceWP doesn’t track any information from your website.

If you wish to help us understand how the plugin is being used, so we can make informed decisions, you can opt-in to share data with us.

Here’s what is tracked and why:

  • PHP version, WordPress version and SliceWP version
  • SliceWP settings – knowing what features customers use the most can help us prioritize development for those features and adjacent ones;
  • Active and inactive plugins – plugin conflicts are common in the WordPress world. If we know what plugins our customers use we can make sure compatibility with the most used ones is ensured;
  • SliceWP add-ons – similar to SliceWP’s settings, this helps us understand what add-ons are most used.

Here’s what is NOT tracked and why:

  • Email addresses and names – your users trust you with their information. We don’t want to brake that trust. None of your users’ data is being tracked by our plugin;
  • Affiliates, commissions, visits, payouts – we believe your data should be yours alone. Data generated and stored by SliceWP, besides the general settings, will not be tracked;
  • SliceWP email notification settings – even though we track the plugin’s settings, the email notifications data is excluded, as we believe this information is too personal in nature;
  • Store, membership or subscription data – even though we could learn a lot from how you manage your store or membership site, we believe tracking this information is out of the scope of our plugin;
  • Any other sensitive data you might think of.

To enable plugin usage tracking, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress administrator dashboard > SliceWP > Settings > Tools (tab) > Usage Tracking (section).
  2. Enable the Allow Tracking option and save the settings.Allow tracking option in SliceWP settings page.

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