Retrieves an affiliate from the database by the given user ID. Because an affiliate must also have a corresponding WP_User, you can retrieve an affiliate by using the user ID.


slicewp_get_affiliate_by_user_id( $user_id );
  • $user_id (int)(required) The user ID associated with the affiliate.


(SliceWP_Affiliate|null) A SliceWP_Affiliate object containing the affiliate data, or null if there is no affiliate data associated with the given user ID.


The following example shows how you can retrieve the affiliate data object corresponding to the user with the ID of 22.

$affiliate = slicewp_get_affiliate_by_user_id( 22 );
// Returned value.

SliceWP_Affiliate Object
    [id:protected] => 10
    [user_id:protected] => 22
    [date_created:protected] => 2021-08-26 10:48:22
    [date_modified:protected] => 2021-08-26 10:48:22
    [status:protected] => active
    [payment_email:protected] =>
    [website:protected] =>

Because the SliceWP_Affiliate object’s properties are protected, to access them you can use the get( $property_name ) method.

$affiliate = slicewp_get_affiliate_by_user_id( 22 );

if ( ! is_null( $affiliate ) ) {

    $user_id = $affiliate->get( 'user_id' );
    $status  = $affiliate->get( 'status' );


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