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Adding Google reCAPTCHA to the affiliate forms

Spam is not pretty. That’s why we recommend keeping your affiliate registration requests as spam free as possible with Google reCAPTCHA.

This article guides you through the process of obtaining the needed API credentials and linking them to SliceWP, so you can protect your affiliate registration form with reCAPTCHA.

Registering your website for Google reCAPTCHA

  1. Navigate to Google reCAPTCHA admin panel and log into it with your Google account.
  2. From the top right icons, click on the “+” (plus) icon, as shown in the screenshot below, to register a new website:Create new Google reCAPTCHA site
  3. In the Label field add your website’s name or URL. This field’s value is used only for display purposes, so name it to whatever feels more intuitive to you.
  4. For the reCAPTCHA type field select reCAPTCHA v2 and then “I’m not a robot” Checkbox as shown in the screenshot below. This will ensure that your visitors will need to complete a quick challenge to validate that they are human.Google reCAPTCHA type selection field.
  5. The last thing you need before submitting the form is to add your website’s domain. With it Google can render the reCAPCHA challenge and handle the validations. Make sure to add the domain name without http or https and without ending slashes, similar to how it’s set in this screenshot:Google reCAPTCHA registering a new site domain

Once your website is registered you should be redirected to the Google reCAPTCHA API keys. To have everything working with the affiliate registration form we will need to copy these keys into SliceWP.

Adding Google reCAPTCHA keys to SliceWP

  1. To find your API keys navigate to your reCAPTCHA admin panel and, from the top right icons, click the Settings icon.Settings button in Google reCAPTCHA admin panel
  2. Next, in the Settings page, click on the reCAPTCHA keys section title to open the actual keys.Google reCAPTCHA keys.
  3. The last thing you have to do is copy these two keys from your Google reCAPTCHA account into your WordPress administrator dashboard > SliceWP > Settings > Integrations (tab) > reCAPTCHA (section). Also, make sure the Enable reCAPTCHA option, from the same section, is enabled.SliceWP reCAPTCHA settings fields

Once you save the settings the reCAPTCHA challenge should appear under the affiliate registration form. If this isn’t the case, please verify the API keys to make sure the ones from SliceWP match the ones from your Google account.

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