Affiliates cannot log into their account

If your affiliates can’t log into their account, even though their credentials are added correctly, the issue usually is tied to caching or a conflict with a captcha plugin that you have installed. Here’s how you can track and solve this problem:


SliceWP is built to work alongside caching plugins or caching systems offered by your hosting provider. However, in certain cases, the caching done by these systems may be too aggressive, which can lead to certain issues. One of this issues is not being able to log into one’s account.

To solve this, we recommend you to exclude your affiliate related pages from being cached. By doing this, you ensure that all processes needed to log in your affiliates can run properly, without being bypassed by caching.

The pages you should exclude are:

  • Affiliate login page
  • Affiliate registration page
  • Affiliate account page
  • Affiliate recover password page

Captcha Plugins

If your affiliates still can’t log into their account, even with caching disabled for the affiliate pages, the problem may be with a captcha plugin you have active.

Plugins that offer reCAPTCHA and hCaptcha functionality can conflict with SliceWP’s login functionality.

We recommend you to temporarily disable these plugins and check again the login form. If everything works nicely, then the issue is related to the captcha functionality.

If you’re in this situation, please contact us and let us know the name of the captcha plugin that is conflicting with SliceWP.

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