Setting up your affiliate links

The affiliate, or promotional, links are the URLs your affiliates use to promote your store or your membership WordPress website. Through them, SliceWP will be able to track referred visits and reward the commission to the appropriate affiliate.

Each one of your affiliates will have its own unique link. However, the base of the link will be the same for everyone, the differentiator being the affiliate’s unique ID.

For example, if your website’s URL is, the promotional link for affiliate #21 will be: For affiliate #24:

As you can notice, the affiliate’s ID, from the link, is preceded by the aff keyword. This is known as a query variable and with it SliceWP is able to track visits and commissions.

The query variable is customizable, so you can change it to whatever you prefer, ref or partner for example.

Please note: WordPress uses a clear set of query variables. Make sure your affiliate keyword isn’t part of this set, as this may lead to unexpected errors. Click here to view the list of WordPress reserved query variables.

To modify the affiliate query variable please:

  1. Navigate to your admin area > SliceWP > Settings > General (tab) > Affiliate URL Settings (section).
  2. Set the Affiliate Keyword to your preferred value:

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