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Adding an affiliate login page

In order to allow your affiliates to access their account page you need to add login functionality to your website.

With SliceWP you can add a login form by using the built-in login shortcode, as follows:

  1. Create a new page from your WordPress admin area -> Pages -> Add New.
  2. Insert the [slicewp_affiliate_login] shortcode to the page. If you’re using the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg, add the shortcode by inserting a new shortcode block, as shown here:

The above steps will render an affiliate login form similar to the one below.

Please note that the form’s styling is highly dependent on the theme you’re using. Most themes style forms properly, but unfortunately issues can occur on certain ones. If that’s the case, please contact us.

Affiliate login form design on visitor side

Redirecting the user after login

By default, if you don’t set a custom redirect on the shortcode and you also haven’t set your affiliate account page, after the user logs in they will not be redirected anywhere. They will remain on the login page and a message, notifying them they are logged in, will be displayed instead of the form.

However, if you set a custom affiliate account page, users will be redirected to that particular page automatically after they login.

If you wish to modify this functionality and redirect the user to a custom page, you can do this by adding the redirect_url attribute to the affiliate login shortcode. With redirection set, the new shortcode should look like this: [slicewp_affiliate_login redirect_url=""]

Make sure to change to the URL of the page you wish to redirect the user to.

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