Product update: Major affiliate area improvements

Welcome to a new product update! I have some really, really exciting news for you today!

This new update is a major one.

The goal with this SliceWP release is simple: offer your affiliates more and better tools to help them succeed.

Here’s everything that’s new:

Let’s dive in:

Affiliate dashboard dynamic data

Up until now, your affiliates could see their visits, commissions and earnings, but only for the past 30 days.

This changed.

With this new SliceWP release, a new date range selector shows up for your affiliates at the top of their dashboard.

New date range picker from the affiliate dashboard page.

With it, your affiliates are able to either select a predefined date range or a custom range, which automatically updates the visits, commissions and earnings data based on the time range they’ve selected.

Not only that, but for the predefined ranges, your affiliates also see the percentage change of their data from the date range that is prior to the selected one.

For example, if your affiliates select “Past 30 days”, the data for the past 30 days (including today) will be loaded, showing the percentage change from the previous 30 days.

Similarly, if your affiliates select “Last month”, the data for the entire last month will be loaded, showing the percentage change from the month before the last month.

Big, beautiful timeline chart

Yes! Finally, your affiliates have their visits, commissions and earnings showcased in a big, beautiful timeline chart, right inside their dashboard.

New timeline chart from the affiliate dashboard page.

And yes, the chart’s data is also dynamic, meaning that when your affiliates filter the data by date range, the chart will update automatically as well.

Besides the chart’s data being dynamic, your affiliates can also manipulate the chart’s display so they can better grasp the evolution of their data.

For example, by default, the chart shows the datasets for visits, commissions and earnings together, allowing your affiliates to view everything from a single view.

However, your affiliates can show or hide any of these datasets, so that they can either view just the visits, or commissions, or earnings, for example, or couple visits and commissions, commissions and earnings and so on.

New timeline chart from the affiliate dashboard page, showing a monthly view.

Besides this, your affiliates can also change the chart’s data by a selected timeframe.

For example, if your affiliates select “Year to date” in the date range filter, they’ll be able to view the chart’s data in a daily, weekly or monthly time frame. This allows them to better understand how their marketing efforts evolved over time, in smaller and larger time frames.

With this new SliceWP plugin update, you can place the menu from the affiliate’s account either at the left or at the right side of the main content area, with the menu items aligned vertically. The default position remains to the top.

For example, here’s how it looks with the menu on the left:

Affiliate account menu position on the left side of the main content area.

To achieve the above display, you simply need to add the “menu_position” attribute to the affiliate account shortcode, like so: [slicewp_affiliate_account menu_position="left"]

Referral links QR code

This SliceWP update comes with a QR code generator for referral links, making it easy for your affiliates to generate and share a QR code with their audience, instead of a referral link.

Take a quick look at this video to see how it works:

The QR codes feature is disabled by default and you can enable it from SliceWP > Settings > General (tab) > Affiliate URL Settings (section) at any time.

Download option for image creatives

We’ve also polished the pop-up for creatives. As part of this polish, we’ve also added a download button for image creatives, so that your affiliates can directly download the promotional images that you’ve prepared for them without additional clicks, streamlining even more your affiliates’ processes.

Creative pop-up with download image button.

Rebuilt translation files

Because of the new interface changes, we’ve updated all of the translation files and also the plugin’s English .po base translation file.

If you were in the middle of translating SliceWP, please update your current .po translation file by importing all the strings from the new base .po file.

Don’t forget to test

This SliceWP update comes with affiliate facing interface changes. Please make sure to test the new plugin version on your test environments before updating your live websites.

Also, if you have custom code snippets applied to your affiliate dashboard, please inspect them to make sure they’re up to date and work as intended.

Suggest a feature

We really hope that you’ll enjoy these new features as much as we do!

As you know, our mission is to make SliceWP the best affiliate plugin for WordPress. If you’re missing anything from SliceWP, please let us know by suggesting a feature through this form.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and it can help shape SliceWP in the future.

That’s all for today! Until next time!