Product update: Affiliate payout requests

With each new release we continue to keep our promise of offering you the best WordPress affiliates plugin. Our goal is to provide to you and to your affiliates the best possible experience.

This update is no different. Please say hello to affiliate payout requests.

This new feature comes to offer you and your affiliates even more flexibility when it comes to payouts. With it, you can allow your affiliates to make payout requests, for their payable commissions, straight from their affiliate account.

Besides payout requests, this new SliceWP update extends the email notifications system with affiliate payment specific emails. You can now send email notifications when a payment is requested (both to administrators and to affiliates) and also when a payment is paid.

Let’s dive into these new improvements:

Payout requests

Payouts requests come in the form of a new add-on, that you can activate from your WordPress admin dashboard > SliceWP > Add-ons page.

With the add-on active, when your affiliates have payable commissions, a notification will appear in the Payouts tab of their affiliate account letting them know that they can request a payout for their earnings.

If your affiliates choose to request the payout, you can also request them to upload an invoice for this payout.

Once an affiliate makes a payout request, a new payment, with the status Requested, will be created. Also, if you enable the payout request email notifications (discussed below), both you and your affiliate will receive an email about this requested payment.

Additionally, you will also be notified of the request in SliceWP’s admin dashboard page.

Once you, as an administrator, receive an affiliate payout request, you will need to process the payment and mark it as paid, the same way you process any other affiliate payment.

You can view all payment requests in your WordPress admin area > SliceWP > Payouts > View All Payments > Filter by Requested status.

Email notifications for payments

With the Payout Requests add-on, two new email notifications will be available for you. Besides this, a new email notification has been added to SliceWP core.

Here are the new email notifications:

  1. Payment Paid (sent to the affiliate) – This email notification is part of core and is sent, if enabled, to the affiliate when a due payment is paid.
  2. Payment Requested (sent to administrators) – This notification comes with the Payout Requests add-on and is sent, if enabled, to administrators when a payout request has been made by one of your affiliates.
  3. Payment Requested (sent to the affiliate) – Similar to the above notification, this one is sent to the affiliate once they make a payout request.

These are the first email notifications that are specific to payments. And, to help you customize them, we’ve also introduced three new merge tags, that are also specific to payments:

  1. {{payment_id}} – This tag will output the payment’s ID.
  2. {{payment_amount}} – This tag will output the payment amount.
  3. {{payment_payout_method}} – This tag will output the method through which the payment has been made.

Make sure to update!

Besides the new payout requests add-on and the new email notifications, this latest SliceWP update also comes with a couple of minor bug fixes and a few minor under the hood improvements.

To benefit from all of these, make sure to update SliceWP to the latest version.

And, as always, we’re looking to hear from you. If you’re missing anything from SliceWP, please click here and let us know.

We’re continuously listening and building, so that you have the best affiliate plugin for your business.

Until next time, wishing you all the best!