Product update: Affiliate groups

Today, I’m thrilled to unveil a great new SliceWP feature: affiliate groups.

This feature is designed to offer you even more flexibility and control over your affiliate program.

As the name suggests, you can now categorize your affiliates into groups. But it goes beyond that. You can also set custom commission rates for each group, granting you even more granularity control for how you reward your affiliates.

And just like every other SliceWP feature, the affiliate groups system is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.

Now, let’s check out how you can get started with affiliate groups.

But, before going forward, please make sure to update SliceWP to the latest version. If you haven’t done this already, please go ahead and do it.

Creating affiliate groups

Now that you’re up to date, let’s consider the following example: your affiliate program is up and running and you have a few high calibre affiliates that you want to offer higher commissions than the rest.

Let’s say that your global commission rate is set to 15%, but you want to offer these affiliates 20%.

At this point, you have two options:

  1. Go to each affiliate’s edit page and set custom rates for each affiliate.
  2. Create a new group, with custom rates, and add the high calibre affiliates to the group.

At first glance, both options look good.

But, if you factor in that you may have other VIP affiliates in the future and that you may want to change commission rates for these affiliates, option two starts to look a bit better from a management stand point.

So, let’s go with the second option and create your first affiliate group.

To do this, navigate to SliceWP > Affiliates. Here, you’ll have a new button, named “Manage Groups” and also a new sub-menu item, named “Groups”, right under the “Affiliates” menu item.

Click on one of these two elements and you’ll be redirected to the affiliate groups page, where you can manage the groups.

Once here, click on the “Add New Group” button from the top of the page to create a new group. You’ll be redirected to the add new group page, where you can set up the group’s settings.

Firstly, give this group a name. Let’s call it “VIP”. You can also add a description, but let’s skip it this time.

Then, set the commission rate for the group to 20%.

And lastly, click the “Add Affiliate Group” button to create the group.

Now, all affiliates that are a part of this group will be rewarded a 20% commission for referred sales, instead of the global 15% commission.

But, at this point, no affiliates are a part of this group. So, let’s add them in.

Assigning affiliates to groups

Now that you have your first group set up, let’s add your VIP affiliates to it. You have three options available.

The first one is from the affiliate’s edit page, where you have a new drop-down field, named “Group”, that’s populated with all the groups you’ve created. Here, just select the group you want the affiliate to be in and update the affiliate.

The second and third options are found in the SliceWP > Affiliates page. In this page, to save you time, we’ve added a new row action and a new bulk action. This way, you can add one or multiple affiliates to a group without needing to update each affiliate individually.

To add a particular affiliate to a group, click on the three dots icon from the table and click the “Add to group” item.

This will open a pop-up modal showing you the selected affiliate and a “Group” drop-down select field that’s populated with all the available groups.

Here, select the group and click the “Add to group” button to add the selected affiliate to the selected group.

Similar to the row action, you have the bulk action, which allows you to add multiple affiliates to a group.

As with other bulk actions, start by checking the affiliates you want to add a group. Then, from the bulk actions drop-down, select the “Add to group” option and click “Apply”.

This will open the same pop-up modal as the row action, showing you the selected affiliates alongside a “Group” drop-down field.

Here, select the group and click the “Add to group” button to add the selected affiliates to the selected group.

Pop-up modal to add the selected affiliates to a selected group.

That’s it! Now that you’ve added your high calibre affiliates to the VIP group, going forward all of them will be rewarded the 20% commission you’ve set for the group, instead of the default global 15% you’ve set in the plugin’s settings.

Filter affiliates by group

Let’s go a step further and consider that you’ve created a few more groups and added affiliates to them.

With this new layer of categorization, being able to quickly find affiliates from a certain group is important.

This is where the group filter comes into play.

In SliceWP > Affiliates, you now have a new drop-down select field, populated with all your affiliate groups, that you can use to filter affiliates by.

Setting up the default affiliate group

In certain situations you may want to add all new affiliates to a certain group.

This is where the “default affiliate group” feature comes in. If you set one of your affiliate groups as the default, whenever a new affiliate is registered, they will automatically be added to this group.

You can set the default group by selecting it in the “Default Affiliate Group” drop-down from SliceWP > Settings > General (tab) > General Settings (section).

Make sure to update

Affiliate groups are available with the latest version of SliceWP, so make sure to update. I’m thrilled about the new avenues this new feature opens for you and I hope you are too!

We also have a lot of new features lined up, so make sure to stay in the loop.

Until next time, wishing you all the best!