Looking for an AffiliateWP alternative?

You came to the right place! Meet SliceWP, the AffiliateWP alternative that brings you all the tools you need to start your affiliate program. At a fair price.

Price comparison

Run your affiliate program without the high costs

SliceWP is friendly to your budget. Compared to AffiliateWP, with SliceWP you will save $1368.50 in the span of 3 years.

First year After 2 years After 3 years
SliceWP $169.00 $338.00 $429.00
AffiliateWP $299.50 $1048.50 $1797.50

The above prices are calculated in USD based on the plan with the closest equivalent feature set for 1 website license.

Features comparison

A powerful and easy-to-use WordPress affiliate plugin

From quick installation, to affiliate specific pages, to easy program management, SliceWP has it all and some. It's an AffiliateWP alternative like no other.

SliceWP AffiliateWP

Installation Wizard

Quick step-by-step installation process that helps you get set up in just a few minutes.

Admin Notification System

Be notified about specific actions, related to your affiliate program, right in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Affiliate Area

Set up a dedicated page for your affiliates, where they can log in, generate referral links and view their performance.

Recurring Commissions

Reward your affiliates commissions for recurring orders of active subscriptions.

Affiliate Coupon Tracking

Assign coupons to affiliates to track and reward commissions when the coupon is used on checkout.

Multi-level Affiliates

Allow your affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates and be rewarded extra commissions for sales referred to you by the newly recruited affiliates.

Multi-currency Support

Calculate affiliate commissions in the currency of your affiliate program for sales made in different currencies.

Real-time Reports

Extended real-time metrics to help you understand and grow your affiliate program.

Email Marketing Integrations

Allow your affiliates to subscribe to your mailing list when they sign up to your affiliate program.

PayPal Payouts

Pay your affiliates with PayPal, with just a few clicks, from the comfort of your WordPress admin dashboard.

Store Credit for WooCommerce

Reward your affiliates with virtual credit, that they can use to make discounted purchases from your website.

Refund Protection

Set up a refund grace period and prevent commissions from being paid while in the refund period.

SliceWP in a nutshell

Here's how SliceWP can help you

SliceWP was built from the ground up to integrate with the most popular eCommerce WordPress plugins. Once installed on your website, you'll be able to run your own affiliate program hassle-free.

Start your affiliate program in just a few minutes

Get your affiliate program up and running from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard, with just a few clicks.

Setup Wizard

SliceWP comes with a step-by-step setup wizard to help you get started as quickly as possible.

Built-in Integrations

With a simple flick of a switch SliceWP integrates deeply with the WordPress eCommerce plugin you use for your business.

Intuitive Interface

SliceWP blends seamlessly into your WordPress interface, so you can manage your affiliate program effortlessly.

Highly Customizable

From commission rates, to affiliate coupons, to referral links, to affiliate notification emails. You can customize (almost) everything.

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Set up a dedicated dashboard for your affiliates

Add a registration form for your affiliates to sign-up to your program and a dedicated dashboard where they'll be able to grab their referral link and view their performance.

Affiliate Dashboard

Set up a dedicated page for your affiliates, where they can log in and manage their efforts promoting your business.

Affiliate Registration

Add a registration form where affiliates can sign-up for your program. Customize the fields that appear on the form to your needs.

Email Notifications

Keep your affiliates in the loop. Enable and customize automatic email notifications, both for you and for your affiliates, that get triggered by certain actions.

Custom Referral Links

Affiliates can generate their own custom referral links from their affiliate dashboard with the referral link generator.

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Take full control of your affiliate program

Because SliceWP is built specifically for WordPress, you have full access and control over your affiliate program's data.

Real-time Statistics

Know how your affiliates are performing. Track and filter affiliate referred visits, commissions, earnings all in real-time.

Easy Management

All of your affiliate program's data is at your disposal, right in your WordPress dashboard. Search and filter any data.

Data Export

Export any of your affiliate program's data into a CSV file if you need to upload it on another platform.

Made for WordPress

SliceWP is a native WordPress plugin. It was built from the ground up to integrate deeply with your WordPress powered website.

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