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SliceWP is the WordPress plugin that makes it easy for you to run your own affiliate program. Onboard affiliates, automatically track visits and commissions, grow your revenue.

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Why SliceWP is the best WordPress plugin to run your affiliate program

SliceWP provides you an intuitive way to connect to your existing eCommerce WordPress plugin, onboard affiliates, learn from real-time reports and easily manage your affiliate program directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Affiliate area

Set up a dedicated area where your affiliates can log in to quickly grab their affiliate link, edit their account details and view how many visits and commissions they generated.

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Real-time reports

Understand how your affiliate program is performing by analyzing real-time data for referred visits, commissions, revenue and affiliate registrations.

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Affiliate coupon tracking

Tie affiliates to coupons to track referrals without using referral links. Once an affiliate specific coupon code is used on checkout, the affiliate tied to the coupon is rewarded a commission.

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1-click PayPal payouts

Connect your PayPal business account to SliceWP and pay your affiliates in bulk, with one click, directly from your WordPress dashboard.

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WordPress eCommerce integrations

Because SliceWP integrates with the popular WordPress eCommerce plugins, you'll be able to set up your affiliate program without touching any code.

Customizable commission rates

Customize the amount you reward affiliates. Set fixed amounts or percentage based commission rates. Set custom commission rates per each affiliate, per each product or per each product category.

Powerful affiliate management

Moderate affiliate registrations, update invididual affiliate accounts, view affiliate reports and see your top earning affiliates. Everything, from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

No commission fees

SliceWP is installed on your WordPress website, meaning you own all the data. There are no intermediaries, so you can rest assured that you won't pay any extra fees.

The power of an affiliate program

An affiliate program is like having a sales team, without having a sales team

Think of your affiliate partners like your own little army of sales representatives. You help them understand your business, they promote it and you pay only if they manage to bring you sales.

With an affiliate program

You keep your costs low

Starting and managing your affiliate program requires a time and money investment, however it's much lower than running ad campaigns or hiring a team.

You pay only when sales come through

Affiliate sales are commission based, so you will only have to pay affiliates when you make a successful sale. If visitors don't purchase, your costs are zero.

You gain exposure and brand awareness

With only a handful of affiliate partners you'll be able to promote your business day and night, to a variety of different audiences, using multiple channels.

You run on semi-autopilot

An affiliate program needs time and attention, but once you have your basics set up, you'll be able to mostly run it on autopilot.

Without an affiliate program

You end up hiring a team

Hiring and managing a strong team is one of the most time and financial consuming aspects of building a business. A great team does wonders, we agree, but it comes at a high cost.

You waste money on ads hoping they will work

Setting up a successful ad campaign is not easy. You'll most probably end up paying someone to do it and then hope it works. Also, most ad campaigns are pay-per-click, meaning you'll pay only to have users on your site. If they don't purchase, you still pay.

You'll have a hard time spreading the word

Building an audience has never been harder and if you don't already have one, you'll find it hard to promote your business. Most affiliates already have an audience and they also have the know how of promoting business. Use this to your advantage.

The top affiliate plugin for WordPress

A better way to manage an affiliate program
for you and for your affiliates

SliceWP integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website and lets you manage everything from one place. With SliceWP's sleek interface and powerful features you'll have an easy time managing your affiliate program and growing your business.

Customize the way you onboard affiliates

Custom affiliate registration form

Set up custom registration fields to ask affiliates for their phone number, bank account details, their location or any other information you may need from them.

Affiliate approval process

Set up an approval process to review affiliate registration requests before allowing affiliates to promote your products.

Make your affiliates feel welcome

Offer them a pleasant stay

The affiliates' interface is clear and concise, giving them access to everything they need, from creatives, to customizing their promotional links, to monitoring visits, commissions and payouts.

Keep them in the loop

Setup automatic email notifications to let your affiliates know when they receive new commissions. You can fine-tune these emails with your own wording and design, to make sure they properly reflect your brand.

Manage your affiliate program headache-free

Set it up in 4 minutes

Get up-and-running with just a few clicks by following the step-by-step installation wizard. The wizard will guide you through the most important settings of your affiliate program, making sure you're good to go as fast as possible.

Control every aspect of it

Setup every detail of your program from cookie duration to commission rates to email notifications. Create a private program, or a public one. Add, edit and filter affiliates, commissions, visits or payouts. You have full freedom.

Grow it with hard data

Adjust your affiliate marketing strategy based on key metrics that track your progress and return. Know who your top affiliates are, how many visitors they send your way and how many customers they convert.

The WordPress affiliate plugin customers love

We're here to empower you

Hundreds of businesses already agree that SliceWP is one of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress. But, it's more than just the product. We strive to provide stellar support, easy step-by-step documentation articles and affiliate marketing growth guides.

SliceWP is a hidden gem. The user experience is simple and clean. The developer replies quickly to questions. Simply awesome!

Maarten Belmans from Studio Wombat

Love the simplicity and the ease of use of SliceWP. I managed to set it up very quickly and everything works like a charm!

Roland Murg from WP Booking System

Support you can count on

Do you have a technical issue, need help setting up SliceWP, want to request a new feature or have a pre-sale question? We're here for you.

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I was searching for a plugin that would allow my users to all become store affiliates and have different rates depending on the user’s WordPress role.

Mihai (the plugin developer & support) was able to swiftly create a customization option for me to fulfill the specific needs of my WooCommerce store.

Speaking to Mihai was easy and he definitely provided the best plugin support I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve been using my fair share of plugins!)

Thomas Vu

Integrates with the eCommerce WordPress plugin that powers your business

We built SliceWP to work seamlessly with the other WordPress plugins you use for your business. This way, you can manage both your store (or membership site) and your affiliate program directly from your WordPress admin dashboard.

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Frequently asked questions

Got questions?

Do you have any questions about SliceWP? See the list for our most frequently asked questions. If your question isn't listed here, please contact us.

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Is SliceWP right for me?

If you're running an online store, a membership site or a agency and want to get other people to help you promote your business, then SliceWP is right for you.

SliceWP helps you to easily set up your affiliate program and to run it straight from your WordPress website. It offers you an easy way to register affiliates and process their applications. It automatically tracks your affiliates' referred visits and generates commissions for referred purchases. And much, much more.

Does SliceWP charge a percentage for each commission?

It does not. With SliceWP you are not charged any additional fees for your affiliates' commissions.

Can I add a dedicated area for my affiliates?

Yes, you can. With SliceWP you can set up a few pages dedicated specifically to your affiliates, all integrated beautifully with your WordPress theme.

You can add a page where users can register to your affiliate program and a dashboard page where your affiliates can view the visits they referred, the commissions they've been rewarded and their payments.

What is required to use SliceWP?

SliceWP is built specifically for WordPress, so you will need a hosting account that supports WordPress. Additionally, for the best experience, your store or membership site needs to be powered by one of the WordPress plugins we integrate with.

We currently integrate with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Paid Memberships Pro, MemberPress, Paid Member Subscriptions and GetPaid.

Does SliceWP work with platforms like Wix or Squarepace?

SliceWP currently works only with WordPress. Other platforms are not supported.

Can I install SliceWP on my clients websites?

Yes, you can! However, all support requests will need to come through the license holder. Your clients will not have direct access to support.

Do I get updates for the plugin?

Yes! Automatic updates are available to all users with a valid license key. These include new features, bug fixes, and full compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and the other plugins we integrate with.

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